Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

A Dose of Medicare Part D

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans



It used to be that Medicare Prescription Drugs Plans were included in senior health insurance plans like Medicare Supplemental Policies. Now, Medicare Prescription Drugs Plans or what’s often referred to as Medicare Part D have become a separate entity all together.

That is not to imply that you can get by on a just a prescription drug plan for your health insurance needs, rather that it is a vital addition to your other coverage plans.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans work similarly to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. In order to receive coverage for prescription drugs, you must first be enrolled with Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. Think of these plans as the finishing touch to your healthcare benefits. For example, if you see a specialist about a certain condition, Medicare Part B will pay the typical 80 percent of the visit, Medigap will help you out with the remaining 20 percent of the vist, and your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan would help cover the cost of the subsequent pharmaceutical treatment recommend by the specialist after the vist.

The cost of each Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will vary according to which plan you select.

The options of plans available for you to select will depend on what is offered in your coverage area. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans incur a monthly premium; this is also the case with Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. You will also likely pay for a portion of the drugs you are prescribed in the form of coinsurance or a copay.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are a pretty basic concept of health insurance.

They are, shall we say, an easy pill to swallow and crucial to your medical needs as a senior.

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